Oficialização da Parceria SBCO - SSO


Prezados Colegas,

A SBCO tem a honra e orgulho de comunicar a oficialização da parceria com a SSO para a concessão do Premio SSO de $8.000,00 (dólares americanos) conforme e-mail abaixo.

O primeiro agraciado deverá ser escolhido até 31.08.2014 e gozar do visitingship em março/2015.

Enviaremos em breve as normas para concorrer a tal importante prêmio e que propiciará importante contribuição para a sua carreira médica.


Dr. Leonaldson dos Santos Castro

Presidente – Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Oncológica

Dr. Felipe José Fernandez Coimbra

Vice-Presidente – Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Oncológica


May 30, 2014

Dear Dr. Quadros and Dr. Castro,

Following from the discussions between the SSO and the BSSO leadership in March at SSO 2014, and the success of the inaugural 2014 short-term International Career Development Exchange Program, we would like to invite the BSSO to participate in the 2015 program.

The premise of this reciprocal program is that the SSO will provide a grant to an up-and-coming surgical oncologist who is a member in good-standing of the partner society. We ask that the BSSO plan to select one surgical oncologist to attend SSO 2015 and then visit various pre-eminent Surgical Oncology institutions within the USA for a short period of time following the meeting. It is the SSO’s goal that the visits will allow the participants to expand their expertise and to network with surgical oncologists both at SSO 2015 and at the institutions they visit.

We ask that participants applying for the grant complete the attached application form. The successful applicants completed form and CV should be forwarded to the SSO once they have been selected.

In addition, at SSO 2014, representatives of various prestigious institutions approached SSO leadership volunteering to host program participants at their institutions. As a result, we are in the process of putting together a list of institutions with which the SSO has affiliations who would like to host visiting Exchange Program participants. Successful applicants will be able to choose which institutions they would like to visit for their observership from this list.

For the 2015 program, SSO will provide an $8,000 grant to an up-and-coming BSSO recognized surgical oncologist who fulfills the following criteria:

1. The successful recipient should be 40 years old or under.

2. The recipient should be a member in good-standing of the Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology.

3. The successful applicant should complete the attached application form and provide it to the SSO along with a copy of their CV so that these may be shared with participating host institutions.

4. As a part of the selection process, we ask that the selected recipient provide the BSSO/SSO with an outline of the procedures/specialties/institutions they would like to observe during their visit.

5. The BSSO should select the recipient of the award from among qualified applicants.

6. The SSO will provide a stipend of $8,000 to the successful candidate to cover international airfare, lodging and airfare within the US for the duration of the exchange. The SSO will also provide a complimentary registration to SSO 2015.

7. The SSO will provide the successful applicant with a list of institutions from which to choose where they would like to visit.

8. SSO will act as an intermediary once the applicant has decided upon the institutions he/she would like to visit.

9. We recommend that the award recipient choose two institutions to visit during their exchange.

10. The period of the program is two weeks with no more than one week spent at any single institution.

11. The award recipient will participate in SSO 2015, March 25 – 28, in Houston, TX as an attendee. He/she will not be expected to make a clinical presentation.

12. During the course of the conference, a small social gathering will be arranged to introduce the award recipient to pre-eminent surgeons from the institutions which s/he has chosen to visit, along with members of the SSO leadership and the leaders of other international surgical oncology groups.

13. Within 30 days of the visit, the SSO will expect to receive a detailed report on the activities and experiences of the successful award recipient, both good and bad, explaining their goals before the visit and what they have accomplished. Report criteria will be provided prior to SSO 2015.

14. To coordinate this exchange, the award recipient should be identified by the IASO before August 31, 2014. Please send this information to Dr. Charmaine Cummings and Becky Williams, copied above.

We do hope the above information is helpful and that this program is of interest to the BSSO.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this exciting new initiative.


Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD


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